Created in 2001 within the Scientific Y-Park of Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland), Titanium Engineering SA is active in the field of the electrochemical surface treatments.

Competences in constant evolution of PhD Olivier Piotrowski, CEO and Founder of the Company, extend in particular from the development to the industrialization of various electrochemical techniques applied to the treatment of surface of Titanium and its alloys.

The activities offered by Titanium Engineering SA are articulated around four principal poles

Consulting for all the electrochemical processes of Titanium

Development of new products and proceeded

Production, treatments of prototypes

Sale of the new process of polishing of Titanium

The principal applicabilities are

               >  The medical field (dentistry, orthopedy)

               >  Hologery of luxury (movement, watch case)

               >  Sport

               >  Aeronautics (aviation, spaciale application)

               >  Car